Blaqbonez Begs Davido To Not Release An Album When His Drops

begs to not release an album at the time his would drop.

Nigerian singer, is by far one of the biggest musicians in Nigeria and all if Africa. The singer has amassed a ton of fans both within the country and  outside.

He has announced that his new album would be dropping sometime this month. While everyone is excited for the new release, Nigerian rapper, is scared of what it could mean for him. The rapper is also meant to deliver his sophomore record this month but is afraid ‘s would make his inferior.

He took to social media to plead with the rapper to not drop the album around the time his would be released. He wrote,

“Please even it its just me, please tell me the date you want to drop your album this month, I don’t want to drop and overshadow you bro

Sorry is a lie, please if we drop the same day nobody go send me, please tell me your date so i fit arrange myself in advance”


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