Fan Narrates Ordeal At The Hands Of Thugs At The Marlian Fest In Ibadan

in South West, Nigerian recently welcomed  for the and details are now emerging about thie things that happened there and how thugs ran amok.

The first thing a fan pointed out about the event was that security there was poor. According to him: “The security was really poor, just too poor. Thugs were snatching phones and bags openly at the fest.”

It wasn’t just phones and bags that got snatched though, according to the source on Twitter, guns and axes were displayed freely. His tweet read: “You get to see boys moving around with cutlass, knife, axe and even guns.”

has not responded to this yet but when or if he does, you’ll see it here first.

What do you think about this? Should security have been lax like that? Share your comments.


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