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Video: Lady who accused Davido of impregnating her retraces her course after threat of arrest

Lady who accused of impregnating her sister retracts her words, changes her story to something less incriminating.

In less than 24 hours a pregnancy accusation which could have ruined pop singer, has been foiled. On Wednesday, a video began to circulate the net. It featured an unknown lady who called on all the gossip blogs and bloggers to accuse Nigerian pop star, of impregnating her sister with the help of his P.A.

After the pop star replied threatening to sue them till they perished in jailed, the two ladies changed their story. According to them, they were only messing around. They said “It was all a joke and you took it personally and started …I’m tired of you people oo.” They also revealed it was merely a prank and a hilarious one.

Watch the video below.

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