Sky B Not Dead! Rumour Was A Stunt

New reports state that is still alive. Death rumor was merely a stunt.

Yesterday, the internet was flooded with news of the death of one of ’s veteran rappers, . He had gained popularly in the late 2000s when his songs became fan favourites.

While everyone mourned the rapper who supposedly died for a heart attack, a Twitter user revealed that the rapper is actually still alive. According to him, the photos are real but from a movie where he He wrote,

Ladies & Gents isn’t dead please. ’s house isn’t far from mine & we are from d same place in PH, ‘Rukpakwolusi’ to be precise. His dad just confirmed it after talking to him on phone. He’s currently shooting movie in Owerri wer he had to Act dead. #SKYB is Alive biko” 

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